Belly Flop – A Delicious Candy with Imperfection

It is always a family fun event to open a box of Jelly Belly jelly beans: don’t look at the guide on the box, just try to guess what the flavor it could be. Some of them are quite obvious, but many required a good sense with a wild imagination.

The task to identify the flavor has even been more challenged, when the Jelly Bean turns out to be one of the Belly Flops. What are Belly Flops? Here is the description of the candy:

“Belly Flops from Jelly Belly. Irregular jelly beans in weird shapes, sizes and colors, but taste just as good at half the price!

Did you ever wonder what happens to the Jelly Belly jelly beans that are a little less perfect? Or the ones that somehow escaped the Jelly Belly logo stamper? Well, those are our beloved Belly Flops!”

Here is the picture of the candy:

Belly Flops Jelly Bean

Belly Flops Jelly Bean

Just as the description, the bag of Belly Flops I purchased contained all different shapes of Jelly beans. Some of them were just missing the signature print of “Jelly Belly” on them. Many were in all kind of shapes. Some of them were quite hilarious and you would wonder how it could be so?! Nevertheless, the flavors were just as good as any other perfect Jelly Bean can be. In fact, it was kind of even more fun to eat, since we would never know what the next popcorn flavored Jelly Bean would look like…

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